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Excited to be bringing you another full-length episode of Tennis Days, with Pete Ziebron (@TennisAcumen) back on board to help us make sense of the post-Wimbledon sprawl of events on three different surfaces, and three different continents (If you include Australia a continent).
We discuss Wimbledon fall-out, Davis Cup excitement in Darwin, the capital of Australia's Northern Territory, as well as covering as best we can Nadal, Thiem and Paire's exploits on European clay.


As well as recapping those and other events, we delve into some rankings stats on the ATP, comparing current standings with those at the beginning of the year, before finally previewing next week's upcoming tournaments.
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Tennis Daily is your daily fix of tennis news, brought to you by @spacejumpsocial, a social media management company that I am starting, and will be updating podcast listeners about from time to time, in between lots and lots and lots of Tennis-related news and stories.


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Tennis Daily is your daily fix of tennis news, brought to you by @spacejumpsocial, a social media management company that I am starting, and will be updating podcast listeners about from time to time, in between lots and lots and lots of Tennis-related news and stories.


Hope you enjoy today's episode, where the focus is still on ATP events - Atlanta and Hamburg, with players like Nadal, Muller, Stepanek, Fognini, Robredo, Paire and Jack Sock getting some healthy air time.

Did you play tennis today? I didn't, but I went to the park with a racquet and ball and got my dog to do some nice long-distance fetching (50% success rate).


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Hi and welcome to the first episode of the Tennis Daily Series, which will be produced alongside the usual long-format Tennis Days Podcast, starting now during the US Open Series.

The idea of Tennis Daily is to give you the news on a regular basis, and keep you up to date via audio of all the major happenings on the WTA and ATP tours over this American summer!

I'll also be mentioning the development of a new side-business I am starting, helping people promote their podcasts. So please keep an ear out for ways to get involved in that, and spread the word to your friends and colleagues!

For now, thanks so much for listening, and keep in touch via twitter:

@TennDaysPodcast and @DaveGertler


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Enjoy the latest Tennis Days Podcast episode detailing the men's and women's Round of 16 matches at 2015 Wimbledon, and Pete Ziebron's (@TennisAcumen) predictions for semi-finals and finals!

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Matt Johnson joins Dave Gertler to discuss the first 3rd of Wimbledon 2015, and what lies ahead. Hot takes, even hotter takes, and popular culture references GALORE. 

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Good morning, good Tennis Days Podcast people!


We are two days into The 2015 Wimbledon Championships, and, well, all is not rose for some (Bouchard? Bouchard? Anyone seen Bouchard?). Oy vey. Pete Ziebron (@tennisacumen) and Dave Gertler (@davegertler, @TennDaysPodcast) set you up for the two weeks ahead with a look at the draws, and a look at the first day's play, which had been undertaken at the hour in which we spoke!


We'll be back for more Wimble-dos and Wimble-don'ts in a week's time!

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Welcome back and thanks for downloading Tennis Days! Our latest episode features a return to the tennis courts via the lush grass of Europe and Great Britain, now that both the clay season and the NBA finals (I'm looking at you, previous episode) are behind us!

@TennisAcumen joins @Davegertler to discuss the action from the grass season so far. Angelique Kerber, Viktor Troicki, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, as well as Aussies Kokkinakis, Kyrgios, Tomic and Groth all met their match against seasoned Europeans like Stan Wawrinka, Gilles Simon.

Dave also reveals some exciting news about his life toward the end of the show!

Thanks again for your continued support - please recommend the show to anyone who you think might like it, leave a rating and review on iTunes, and follow @TennDaysPodcast for latest updates!

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Basketball - particularly the NBA playoffs and finals between the Cavaliers and Warriors, has been captivating enough for myself and @davegrunstein to decide to take our legendary basketball chats to the mainstream.


So we've crashed into normal programming to bring you this special episode of Tennis Days, mainly about basketball. Hope you enjoy, and rest assured, we will be back to talk about tennis next week.

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A singular and historic performance by Stan Wawrinka when it mattered most has rocked and shocked the tennis world when well-nigh everyone (including your humble podcast host) was expecting the dominance of Novak Djokovic to make his first French Open title (3rd final) a formality after he took out Rafael Nadal in straights in the quarters.


But this wasn't to be. Pete Ziebron ( and @davegertler do our best to cover the landscape of Week 2 at the 2015 French Open, including the men's and women's finals and our main takeaways from what was a very interesting slam.


Tennis Days will be taking a week off after this episode, but will be back to cover the start of grass season and to preview Wimbledon.



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With so many players, matches and stories to cover, Pete Ziebron and I decided to bring Tennis Days Listeners a turbo-charged super-extensive discussion of the first week's ongoings at the French Open.


Along with the impressive runs of some Australian and American men, we also look at how the draws have panned out for some of the favourites, as well as some who were favoured to lose early.


Before projecting some of next week's matches from the Round of 16 onwards, Pete and Dave discuss some of the less than optimal coverage of tennis that Australians have been enduring during this slam.

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As mentioned in previous episodes, it's high time indeed for the second slam of the year to come along and answer all our questions, as well as give everyone lots to talk about, which the 2015 Roland Garros men's and women's draws most certainly have.

I'm joined today by Pete Ziebron (@tennisacumen) for some detailed breaking down of these draw. Join us for some interesting banter and predictions on the eve of the 2015 French Open.

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Welcome back and thank you for tuning in to the latest episode of Tennis Days.


There has been much movement on both tours at the upper echelons of the games. Join us as we try and deconstruct some of it for you.


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We missed you guys! Thanks for sticking with us, and we've recorded a super ridiculously long episode for you all to sink your teeth into.


Hope you're enjoying the sea of red clay that we're in the middle of round this  time of year. I know Matt and I certainly are. We cover pretty much every topic we can think of under the red hot sun, plus a few topics that we didn't think of - we still talked about those, whilst actively not thinking.


We make some picks for Madrid, and for the rest of the season, and we plan on touching base for another phat episode some time during Roma.

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Category:general -- posted at: 9:49am AEST's Pete Ziebron spent three days at the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells and, having been a long-time visitor of the tournament often referred to as the '5th slam' gives me his insight into the matches he watched, and the overall vibes he picked up around the grounds.

We discuss the standout performances of Bernard Tomic, Thanasi Kokkinakis (whose showdown Pete was able to witness first hand), Milos Raonic, Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Flavia Pennetta, Victoria Azarenka and Maria Sharapova.

Follow Pete Ziebron on twitter @tennisacumen, myself @davegertler or the podcast @TennDaysPodcast. If you want to be a good friend of the podcast please subscribe on iTunes, and leave a rating and/or review!

Thanks for tuning in!


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Excited about World Tennis Day? So are we!

Excited about Australia's Davis Cup performance? So are we!

Excited about Indian Wells? Yes we can! (It just felt right).


Matt Johnson (@matte_johnson) joins the Tennis Days Podcast, now back after a one-month post-AO hangover - or, as Matt calls it, we were HungAOver!


We dissect the WTA Indian Wells Draw, as well as dipping into a few other interesting tidbits from around the tour.


Hope you enjoy World Tennis Day!

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It's been a fantastic Australian Open, and a very revealing grand slam in general. Along with the drama off and around the court, we've had some spectacular tennis, and some incredibly meaningful results.

I'm joined by Pete Ziebron (@tennisacumen) to go over in great detail what we've learnt and what we've observed about Nick Kyrgios, Madison Keys, Stan Wawrinka, Vika Azarenka, Tomas Berdych and the Big Four. 

We also make our finals predictions.

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One of my absolute favourite players on the tour, of whom we've still not seen nearly enough since he broke out onto the scene with some big showings at slams in 2012, David Goffin has been well and truly on the comeback trail lately, having been officially recognised by the ATP for his efforts as such in 2014.

Currently at his career-high ranking of 22, he came into the Apia International as the 2nd seed, but both he and top seed Fabio Fognini lost in their first matches, and have both had less than ideal starts to 2015.

Hope you enjoy this brief chat I had with my much-better-tennis-playing namesake in the Players' Lounge at the Apia International in early Jan. More episodes coming soon!

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A brand new episode of Tennis Days for you! While I was covering the Apia International in Sydney, I had a chance to take my voice recorder into some interviews with some of our favourite players, and ask them meaningful questions about their career, and how they see things. 

We're looking forward to offering up this audio over the next series of episodes, and we really hope you like them too.

In this episode, there's a focus on Julien Benneteau and also Juan Martin del Potro, who - while Matt Johnson and I were in the middle of recording our chat - pulled out of the 2015 Australian Open.

So we end the episode with Delpo's first press conference in Sydney, his first tournament back after 10 months. He is asked, and talks a lot about his wrist.

Many more cool eps on the way. Please subscribe on iTunes - where we'd love you to help us out by rating and reviewing the show - as well as Stitcher, TuneIn Radio and... well, just the Internet, I guess.

As well as reviews helping Tennis Days be more searchable, we're actually really genuinely after feedback, so feel free to be as honest as you like!

For updates:

The show @TennDaysPodcast

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Matt @Matte_johnson


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Matt Johnson (@matte_johnson) has been embedded in Pat Rafter Arena and the outside courts of the Queensland Tennis Centre over the past week, soaking up all the tennissy goodness that we’ve been following from all over the world. Great to get his thoughts on the tournament leading into the men’s final.

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Jared Pine from joins me today from La Verne, California, to talk about the latest post on his stats-focussed, and very engaging blog. Jared is a student of mathematics and a writer by trade, and he spends a lot of time watching, thinking and writing about tennis. He shares his tweets at @jaredpine and on his blog which is a more complex play on words than it sounds initially - he explains it in our chat, which I'm hoping is the first of many!

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2015 has begun with a buzz (of the caffeinated variety if you happen to be Serena Williams at Perth's Hopman Cup) but @davegertler is talking today with's Pete Ziebron (@tennisacumen) about what's going down in Brisbane at the Brisbane International where some the world's best are starting their Australian Open series. Things are about to get real when on Tuesday, we see top seeds Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova, Ana Ivanovic, Milos Raonic and Kei Nishikori begin to play their second-round matches. At the same time, both draws are absolutely stacked with great players from all over the world, including many Aussie stars.


Enjoy the first episode of Tennis Days for 2015, and don't forget to subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher or TuneIn Radio.

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