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Thanks again for listening to Tennis Days. In case you're hard-pressed for time and can't discover all the content in this 47-minute episode right now, you can skip to 30:30 to hear an Apia International press conference, speakers inluding Craig Gabriel, Alistair MacDonald and Nick Kyrgios.

We have a nice, big chunky Tennis Days Podcast for you to sink your teeth into this week. @Matte_johnson and @Davegertler discuss what we have learned from the WTA Finals, including standout performances from Wozniacki, Halep and Serena.

In an episode littered with meaningful tangents, I share with Matt one of my famous metaphors where I compare tennis with the natural phenomena of waves crashing onto a beach. Matt has trouble with this metaphor, as he is from Melbourne, where beaches with waves are not so common.

Before leaving you with some audio of a recent Nick Kyrgios press conference in Sydney (which also features intro speeches from Apia International Media Manager @crosscourt1, Tournament Director @MacDonald_Ali, and ABC journalist @Jen_Browning) Matt looks into his crystal ball and gives us a prediction of how the WTA Finals will conclude. Was he correct?

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If you don’t find ‘year-end championships’ interesting or relevant, you need to listen to this podcast. As the WTA Finals embark on their first year hosted by Singapore, one by one the players have arrived in the island nation state to settle the business that was the 2014 WTA season. Four slams, four different winners, Serena looking dodgy until the business end of the season, Sharapova and Williams yet to face each other in a final this year.

With a little sub-feud opening up between Sharapova and Ivanovic, and bullying relationship seeming to be developing between Petra Kvitova (Wimbledon) and Eugenie Bouchard (Three slam semis and one final), un-controversial world No.3 Simona Halep barely rates a mention, yet she’s due for another statement tournament. Will this be it? And who’s this Agnieszka Radwanska that everyone keeps talking about? Well, she’s not been outside the world’s top 6 since February 2012 – surely she’s in there with a chance as well, right?

Furthermore, we have the renewedly relevant Ana Ivanovic joining the ranks of the final 8 for the first time since 2008, as Matt points out, while I declare that she, along with the universally respected and admired (I’ve been converted) Caroline Wozniacki, are playing Singapore with house money.

Finally, this podcast was recorded a week before players started to arrive in Singapore, when Serena’s health left her playing status very much in the air, but thankfully since then, things seem to have cleared up, so the big question remains – can anyone? Anyone? Especially now that Li Na has retired and Azarenka has officially slumped - get past Serena Williams at the WTA Finals?

Cue Spaghetti Western gun-slinging scene suspense music, we are all in.


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Going by their 2014 rivalry, Matt "ships" Federer as the winner of his Shanghai Rolex Masters semi-final against Novak Djokovic, who hasn't lost in Asia since 1913. Matt also discusses the freakishly close head-to-head rivarly being hotly contested between these two future Hall of Famers. Concluding it's Federer's 'turn' to win, Matt and I both nonetheless (oh so wrongly) predict Djokovic to come through as victor.

Dave breaks some "news" about Venus Williams and Feliciano Lopez (completely unrelated to each other) gleaned from observations he made at airports in America. Matt, equipped with perceptive journalistic idea, extrapolates what he can from Dave's observations.

Finally, to make up for my terrible prediction that Federer would get beat by Djokovic in the Shanghai semi, I'm adding some audio at the end from a press conference in Cincinnati, where Federer answered a goofy question I asked him, in great non-goofy detail. Hopefully, this will make Federer fans out there hate me less for predicting he would lose. Federer went on to win Cincinnati, his first Masters 1000 title since 2012. See??! He is amazing! Now through to a final against Gilles Simon, a player against whom Federer's record is ominous, he seems likely to take another M1000 before the year is up.



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Welcome to a mini episode of the Tennis Days Podcast.

Just a quick snippet from a longer conversation I had with Matt Johnson (@matte_johnson) over Skype. With the Asian Swing heading towards its climax in Shanghai, Matt and I focussed mainly on the ATP events in Beijing and Tokyo, as well as analysing the draw of the Rolex Masters 1000 which is currently taking place.

We hope to bring you that full episode over the next few days, but in the meantime, here's a juicy part of our convo where we focus on some of the life lessons we can take away from Julien Benneteau's painful tenth consecutive loss in the final of an ATP event, which took place at the hands of Kei Nishikori in Malaysia two weeks ago.

Hope you enjoy and stay tuned for the full episode coming soon, follow me @davegertler for updates, and thanks for listening!

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