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Today's episode of tennis days was recorded when there were still 16 players left in the Wimbledon Ladies' draw.

Now there are only 2, and they are the exact 2 as would be that Pete Ziebron predicted at the start of the tournament.

Dave Gertler, on the other hand, gets all of his predictions wrong, but given the advantage of being the person who edits the show, has left most of them on the cutting room floor.

Enjoy tennis days and enjoy the rest of Wimbledon 2016.

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Now that Novak is gone...

We talk about Federer, his draw so far, and whether Steve Johnson may present some challenges for him. How dangerous is Federer looking, in general?

Did anyone enjoy this Wimbledon as much as Del Potro?

We discuss Murray - is he finally back at GS winning level and how much does Lendl help that? Is he the legitimate favourite now?

Lots of dangerous floaters left in Novak's quarter, and who are our picks for the final?


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@DaveGertler and @TennisAcumen answer your questions!

Thanks for listening to and supporting Tennis Days!

To ask us a question, provide feedback, or suggest something to chat about in a future episode, Tweet us at @TennDaysPodcast

Our next episode is scheduled for your 4th July celebrations, and will also kick off your Week 2 Wimbledon experience.

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Tennis Days Podcast is very excited to be back among the ranks of the living podcasts!

@Davegertler and @TennisAcumen wrap up the French Open for your ears.

Speaking of your ears, apologies for releasing an episode that won't sound as good as they are used to from this podcast.

What happened was... a cup of tea was spilt on the laptop that WAS the central focus of the Tennis Days podcast Studio, so a new laptop has been purchased.

BUT... some software hasn't been recovered, so new software is in the process of being learnt by the Tennis Days Production Team, PLUS music and other important Tennis Days audio files are yet to be recovered from aforementioned tea-infused laptop.

Hopefully, you'll still enjoy this chat, and stay tuned for more episodes, where the Tennis Days Production Machine will gradually rebuild itself to full strength.

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Excited to be bringing you another full-length episode of Tennis Days, with Pete Ziebron (@TennisAcumen) back on board to help us make sense of the post-Wimbledon sprawl of events on three different surfaces, and three different continents (If you include Australia a continent).
We discuss Wimbledon fall-out, Davis Cup excitement in Darwin, the capital of Australia's Northern Territory, as well as covering as best we can Nadal, Thiem and Paire's exploits on European clay.


As well as recapping those and other events, we delve into some rankings stats on the ATP, comparing current standings with those at the beginning of the year, before finally previewing next week's upcoming tournaments.
Thanks again for listening and subscribing to Tennis Days!
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Tennis Daily is your daily fix of tennis news, brought to you by @spacejumpsocial, a social media management company that I am starting, and will be updating podcast listeners about from time to time, in between lots and lots and lots of Tennis-related news and stories.


Twitter: @TennDaysPodcast or @davegertler

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Tennis Daily is your daily fix of tennis news, brought to you by @spacejumpsocial, a social media management company that I am starting, and will be updating podcast listeners about from time to time, in between lots and lots and lots of Tennis-related news and stories.


Hope you enjoy today's episode, where the focus is still on ATP events - Atlanta and Hamburg, with players like Nadal, Muller, Stepanek, Fognini, Robredo, Paire and Jack Sock getting some healthy air time.

Did you play tennis today? I didn't, but I went to the park with a racquet and ball and got my dog to do some nice long-distance fetching (50% success rate).


Twitter: @TennDaysPodcast or @davegertler, AND NOW AS WELL @spacejumpsocial


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Hi and welcome to the first episode of the Tennis Daily Series, which will be produced alongside the usual long-format Tennis Days Podcast, starting now during the US Open Series.

The idea of Tennis Daily is to give you the news on a regular basis, and keep you up to date via audio of all the major happenings on the WTA and ATP tours over this American summer!

I'll also be mentioning the development of a new side-business I am starting, helping people promote their podcasts. So please keep an ear out for ways to get involved in that, and spread the word to your friends and colleagues!

For now, thanks so much for listening, and keep in touch via twitter:

@TennDaysPodcast and @DaveGertler


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Enjoy the latest Tennis Days Podcast episode detailing the men's and women's Round of 16 matches at 2015 Wimbledon, and Pete Ziebron's (@TennisAcumen) predictions for semi-finals and finals!

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Matt Johnson joins Dave Gertler to discuss the first 3rd of Wimbledon 2015, and what lies ahead. Hot takes, even hotter takes, and popular culture references GALORE. 

Please subscribe on iTunes and leave a rating and review!


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